Retirement & Aged Care Relocation

Retirement & Aged Care Relocation

Aussi Removal & Delivery offer a one stop solution for moving into a retirement home or aged care facility.

Preparing and executing these moves can be a very stressful time for the family members involved and our team is here to take the pressure off.

We specialise in providing the aged community with comprehensive removalist services, so you don’t have to worry about:

Often, after moving into a retirement home, the family home is left vacant with furniture and belongings to be dealt with. Family members are left to take care of the packing and of the removal of all these items, which will take up their time and energy.

Retirement Home Relocation Joondalup - Aussi Removal & Delivery

Professional Aged Care &
Retirement Relocation Services Joondalup

This is where Aussi Removal comes in. We combine our professional, fully insured relocation service, with our reputation as a trustworthy packing service to give you the confidence that your processions will be moved safely to their new home without your supervision.

Aged Care Relocation Joondalup - Aussi Removal & Delivery

The Retirement Relocation Process:

  1. Call us to make an appointment with our specialists from Aussi Removal for relocation to a retirement home or aged care facility.
  2. We will provide a fixed price fee or a hourly rate tailored to your needs.
  3. Our services include packing, packing materials, charity drops, waste fees, insurances, professional transport of your processions and the delivery of items to all required secondary locations, including beneficiaries, family members and auction houses.

We have the ability to mobilise quickly at a time that suits you.

Our professional removalist team is well trained, respectful, friendly and experienced with aged care relocation.

All staff members adhere to a strict Code of Conduct to ensure that you will be impressed. Please contact us  or connect on Facebook if you require assistance with retirement and aged care relocation services.