Get the right packing supplies

Our quick packing tips continue with the last preparation step you need to take before the actual quick packing begins. Packing, be it super slow if you don’t have the right packing supply. Use the right packing supply to speed up your packing.

  • Cardboard boxes. One thing is clear – you’re going to need plenty of strong boxes in good overall condition, clean and with sturdy lids. Their dimensions do matter so make sure you have different sizes at your disposal – from small sized moving containers for your heavy items through the universal medium sized boxes all the way to the big ones where you’re expected to place larger but lighter household items. If you can afford it, it’s best to purchase all your moving boxes brand new either from your local removal company Aussi Removal or from specialized shops. However, it’s always a good idea to first ask friends or coworkers if they have any containers they can spare, or even to swing by a few local businesses (supermarkets, bookshops, office supply shops, etc.) and see if you can get moving boxes cheaply or for free, preferably clean and strong.
  • Bubble wrap. Bubble wrap provides the ultimate protection for your items while they are being transported between the two homes, but you may not have enough time to go and get sufficient amount of it as you need to pack quickly for a more. Instead, you can use any useless pieces of clothing you can find around your home – from worn out bed sheets through old clothes and towels to lonely socks. As long as the bubble wrap substitutes are clean, you can really use your imagination in order to quickly pack up your house.

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Our fast packing tips will probably not make you smile with happiness, but they surely won’t make you wince in pain either.

  • Packing paper. Clean and soft packing paper provides good initial protection for your belongings, especially for your more fragile ones. If you wish to save some money, you can take advantage of the ever-present and super cheap newsprint which you will surely have in abundance at home. The downside here is that newspapers tend to leave ugly stains on whatever gets wrapped in them and the stain removal process later on will not be your best new-home welcoming activity. Still, outdated newspapers can safely be used as second layers of protection after packing paper, and they are also great space fillers when it comes to optimizing and immobilizing the space inside a single moving box. You get Butcher papers from Aussi Removal if you need.
  • Other packing supplies. Besides the three main materials described above, you’re also going to need packing tape, a pair of scissors or a cutting knife and a black marker pen for labeling your packed boxes.

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