7 tips to pack the truck right and safe

#1 The Best Way to Load

If you have a number of equal-sized boxes, it’s better to build a wall of boxes as this will maximize the space. When you pack this way, you should load the entire truck from the floor, up to the ceiling with these boxes. Tie down everything to prevent them from collapsing or you a mattress to secure them.

If you don’t have that much boxes you can also start with the larger items that ensures you have enough of room for them. Aussi Removal would recommend the first one with the boxes.

#2 Disassembling Furniture

Tables, wardrobes etc can take up a lot of space if you try to transport them the way they are. Aussi Removal recommends to disassemble the table &load it in separate pieces into the truck. Same for flat-pack wardrobes. This also makes sure they don’t collapse. The table top can be set up against one side of the truck wall. If disassembly is a problem, load it right into the truck & store some items and boxes on top of and underneath.

Flatpack Furniture Assembly Perth | Aussi Removal & Delivery

#3 Even Weight-Distribution

You have to make sure you distribute all the weight evenly across the truck, it’s easier to control and drive the truck once it’s on the road. The heaviest items should be loaded against the walls or the back of the truck this keeps the middle of the truck floor open for much easier loading

#4 Storing Couches

The best way to place a couch in the truck is to do it horizontal. If it doesn’t fit or you have 2 couches you can stack them together one upside-down on the other one.

#5 Using Bookshelves

If you have bookshelves. Use them to store boxes during the move.The best way of making optimum use of that space

#6 Loading Mirrors & Pictures

These are very fragile item they easily will break if you pack or place them wrong in the truck. The best way to transport these is to slide them between the mattresses. You will still need to pack them in bubble wrap or blankets, but placing them between the mattresses, gives them the cushioning they need.

#7 Use Straps

It’s very important to use straps or ropes while you are packing the keep everything on place and make the move safe.

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